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Our Story

WiseAsh Ltd was founded to help busy investors and entrepreneurs build their dream property portfolios and start a lifetime stream of passive income. After sharing stories of our successful property investments we found that numerous people also wanted a stake in the property ladder. However, they were either too far away, didn’t have the time or didn’t know how to find and negotiate the best property deals. 


Realising the demand for property deal sourcing and the value it adds to investors we started our business.  With our experience and expertise we showcase and tailor the best property deals in the UK market and present them to investors from all over the globe. 


Our goal is to carry out the work of calling up estate agents, doing due diligence, viewings and negotiations to get the perfect deal and then passing that deal onto our investors for a small fee. 


At WiseAsh Ltd, we are truly passionate about property and believe it is the single best investment vehicle out there. Property is a safe haven which provides a low risk and a high return.


WiseAsh Ltd will take your dreams and goals of getting started in property or growing your portfolio and make it become a reality by introducing you to the most effective property investment techniques and deals on the market.


On top of this, we will also introduce a power team of property managers and contractors in the area you end up investing in, which we believe are vital for growing a successful property portfolio.


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Founder and Director of WiseAsh, Damon has a passion for property investing, development and deal sourcing.


He purchased his first property at the age of 21 and has kept growing his portfolio since. As well as having years of experience in the industry, Damon has a BSc (Hons) Degree in Real Estate.

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Courtney Ashby

With years of experience in the marketing industry Courtney leads the team at WiseAsh and gets our content onto multiple social channels so that we can engage with you at all times. 

Courtney is also the co-founder of WiseAsh and works closely with Damon to  find incredible investment opportunities.