We expect high and safe returns from all of our property deals. To ensure we get our desired high returns the properties we sell go through a strict checklist before, during and after viewing them. We would never sell a property to any of our clients that we aren't 100% confident in. Below are the techniques we use ourselves and specialise in. 


Buy, Refurbish, Rent, Refinance (BRRR)

This technique requires our investors to have a fair amount of money upfront or to be prepared to take out a bridging loan. The idea is to buy a property outright which needs work and through the renovations add value to the property, rent it out and then refinance it (in this order) i.e. pull your money back out. Refinancing the property at the end allows you to take advantage of the value you added during the renovation which means you can pull more of your money out giving you a better ROI.

Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO's)

Instead of renting a house out to a single family, with HMO's you rent out each room providing you with multiple streams of income all under one roof. Why do people rent out HMO's? Convenance is the simple answer. With HMO's you as the landlord will provide WIFI, gas and electricity, all the furniture and appliances. All the tenants have to do is move in and pay you a monthly rent. 


With the higher reward comes the higher risk of having empty rooms and more overheads to pay. An HMO's number one enemy is vacancy's and these should be avoided at all costs. In order to make sure your rooms will have minimal vacancy periods its important to make sure there is demand for these types of rooms in the area. 



Below Market Value Single Lets

Vendors looking for a quick sale will often be inclined to sell their properties below market value. You will make your money back, plus a bit extra in bricks and mortar value when you purchase this type of investment. Single lets are also less risky and hands off property investments.



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