We will send out emails every Thursday at 9am sharp containing information of the property deals we have on offer. We will send this via the opt in email service. If you haven't opted in do so now by clicking here.  


- If you like the look of one of the deals we send, simply follow the steps on the email which will show you exactly what you need to do to reserve the deal. 

- Once you have registered you interest by texting or emailing us we will contact you back. Please note we work on a first come first serve basis therefore the first person who contacts us about a particular deal will be the first to get the opportunity to invest.


- We will have a phone or video call to run you through the property details. 


- If you want to proceed with the sale we will send you over the T&C's as well as an invoice for the finders fee. 

- Once we receive the signed T&C's and the finders fee has been paid we will instruct the sellers who the buyer is via email.

- We will then take a step back and let the purchase go through as a normal sale. 

We are happy to assist with any issues which may arise throughout the sale process up until completion. If you would like our recommendations for a solicitor or a mortgage broker we are happy to provide these to our customers. 

Please note: If you would like to sign up for bespoke deal sourcing the process is slightly different. If you would like to find more on how this works you can read more here.